Loughlinstown, Co Dublin, Ireland

53° 14.91' N | 006° 08.15' W | 24 meter | Show on map

Station Information

22/11/19 11:10:00 GMT

Station:Davis Vantage Vue
Hardware:Raspberry Pi 2
Software:weeWX v3.9.2
weeWX uptime: 0 days, 0 hours, 4 minutes
Server uptime: 26 days, 22 hours, 46 minutes

Met Office Fax Charts

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Current Surface Analysis (North Atlantic)
Current Surface Analysis
2 / 8
T+24 Hours Surface Forecast (North Atlantic)
T+24 Hours Surface Forecast
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T+36 Hours Surface Forecast (North Atlantic)
T+36 Hours Surface Forecast
4 / 8
T+48 Hours Surface Forecast (North Atlantic)
T+48 Hours Surface Forecast
5 / 8
T+60 Hours Surface Forecast (North Atlantic)
T+60 Hours Surface Forecast
6 / 8
T+72 Hours Surface Forecast (North Atlantic)
T+72 Hours Surface Forecast
7 / 8
T+96 Hours Surface Forecast (North Atlantic)
T+96 Hours Surface Forecast
8 / 8
T+120 Hours Surface Forecast (North Atlantic)
T+120 Hours Surface Forecast

About the Fax Charts

These charts are pulled from the NOAA ftp using a script on a Raspberry Pi scheduled using cron. The files are in TIF format which have to be converted to png (more internet browser friendly), resized and orientation corrected and then uploaded to the loughlinstown.com website. This is all done automatically by the same script.
If you find that the charts are not updating for you, more than likely it is your browser caching the images locally, shift-f5 should force the browser to load the latest version. I've tried to avoid that being necessary in the html but sometimes browsers behave diffently.
I've read the following release times online but have found large amounts of varience in reality. They do however serve as a rough guideline:

  • Analysis charts are usually available by 0320. 0920, 1520 and 2120
  • 24-hour forecasts are usually available by 0520. 1120, 1720 and 2320
  • T+36 and T+48 forecasts by 0620/1820 UTC
  • T+60 and T+72 forecasts by 0720/1920 UTC
  • T+84 forecasts are only issued once a day at about 0930 UTC
  • T+96 and T+120 forecast are only issued once a day, based on 1200UTC data, usually available after 2320 UTC

Initially I made a bunch of scripts to pull these updates based on these eta's but upload times varied a lot, in the end it was easier just to make one script that pulls all the charts hourly, at least this way, the website should be pretty close to actual release time most of the time.
If anyone has a better way of doing this I'd love to hear it, you can email me at muireadach@loughlinstown.ie.